What is Toilet Head?

Toilet Head is an indie game development studio co-founded by best friends Zane Byrnes and Smash Cooper. With a group of talent assisting these two, Toilet Head hopes to soon start releasing games on Steam, Android and perhaps one day, consoles.

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to gurantee quality games that are not only fun to play either alone, or with your friends, but to also gurantee interesting games with new gameplay mechanics that aren't just a rehash of the "Flavor of the month". Our goal isn't to stand out from the rest, but instead our goal is to make sure that gamers have more options with choosing games to waste their entire day with.

How to Contact Us

If you're interested in contacting Toilet Head for any reason, such as questions or wanting to join us, please fill out the form on the Contact Page and one of our team members will get back to you as soon as possible.